Build Business Credit that isn't linked to you personally, or your personal credit!

Build Business Credit that isn't linked to you personally, or your personal credit!

Do you want to start or grow your business but not sure you qualify for a business loan or how much you qualify for? Want to gain access lines of business credit without using your personal social security number? Leading business credit expert, Fred Hughey, reveals the business credit secrets secrets of the most successful business owners. 
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Expert Endorsements

Chad Cotton

Straight Line Funding
“The business credit process that I engaged in with the Business Finance Suite has allowed me to establish my company’s corporate credit, expand my business operation, and take my company to the next level.”

Robert Lefcourt

Great America Credit Repair
"I was able to get a Paydex rating of 80 from Dun & Bradstreet that allowed me to then access larger revolving lines of credit with Macy’s, Staples and with Amazon. At the end of about six months I had about 10 different trade lines that allowed me to then make application for Visa and MasterCard of $5,000 and $10,000." 

Cheryl Risner

Score Restore
"I believe that Business Finance Suite has opened up possibilities for my business in the future that I could never have imagined, and then every business owner can benefit from Business Finance Suite."
Proven Results
 Build business credit  from scratch in 90 days 
 Build business credit without using your personal credit or social security #
 Scale your business faster than ever 
Our Approach
Are you an entrepreneur? Have you spent years trying to scale but just need more funds to do so? What if you could get business credit for your company EIN that’s not linked to you personally, or your personal credit? What if you could secure HIGH-limit vendor, store, fleet, and cash credit in your business name without a personal guarantee or personal credit check? What if you could get business credit without cash flow or collateral required for approval?

When you purchase the Only Business Credit Book Today,  you can stop worrying about the  what if’s and learn how to…  Secure business loans and credit lines with great terms, even if you’ve been told “no” at your bank, Access low interest credit lines and long term loans, and get funding in 72 hours or less, even if you are a startup, have credit issues, or have no collateral!
Fred Hughey
Founder of Hughey Enterprises Inc. & Author of Only Business Credit 
Fred M. Hughey, Jr. is on a mission to help business owners solve the number one reason they don't succeed: lack of business credit. His new book guides business owners through the process to get business credit and financing for their businesses without a personal guarantee and without using their personal credit!
Fred Hughey
What’s in it For You? 
  • How to get business credit without using your personal social security number
  • How to ​get business credit in 90 days or less
  • ​How to get approval for loans and credit lines with no cash flow or collateral
  • ​How to get approved for low rate and long term financing
  • ​Access the credit you need to make the purchases necessary to grow and scale
  • ​How to get a loan or line of credit, even when the banks say no
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